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Core Technical Solution
Building on high-field spherical tokamaks (STs) using high-temperature superconductors, Startorus Fusion further adopts a compact and repeated magnetic reconnection-based technical approach to controlled fusion. The multi-stroke repeated operation, reconnection heating by the plasma current’s magnetic fields, and other characteristics of the approach are expected to guarantee stable, efficient and economic fusion power output within a comparatively compact device size.
Startorus Fusion Team
The core members of the Startorus Fusion team all graduated from the Department of Engineering Physics at Tsinghua University. They have been engaged in controlled nuclear fusion research for nearly twenty years and are one of the top teams in China dedicated to fusion energy development. They have been operating the first spherical tokamak device in China, called Sino-UNIted Spherical Tokamak (SUNIST), for nearly twenty years, accumulating extensive expertise in spherical tokamak and related technologies.
The company adopts a "Scientist + Engineer" team model, wherein the scientist team consists of Ph.D. holders in nuclear engineering, nuclear technology, plasma physics, and other related disciplines from top domestic and international universities. The engineer team comprises experienced engineers from fields such as electrical engineering, electronics, mechanical engineering, IT, optics, and other relevant areas.
Currently, the company has nearly a hundred employees, with over 70% of them graduating from Double First-Class universities in China. More than 70% of the employees hold master's or doctoral degrees, and over 30% have obtained a Ph.D. degree. There are over 20 research and development talents with a background from Tsinghua University. Additionally, over half of the past doctoral graduates from Tsinghua Fusion Laboratory are employed by the company.
Honors and Awards
2023 Outstanding Achievement Award in China's New Economy for the Controlled Nuclear Fusion Ind
2023Venture50 ZERO2IPO
2023Venture50 ZERO2IPO
36Kr Hard Technology TOP20
2023 Hard & Core Technology Innovators
2023 InnoForce 50
2023 “Bluetech Carbon Neutrality Pioneers Award”
Enterprise of the Year in WISE 2022 King of New Economy—Green Energy
2022 Fastest-growing Companies of New Energy and New Materials
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