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On June 20, 2023, the annual China Unicorn Enterprises and Potential Unicorn Enterprise Conference was held in Suzhou City, east China's Jiangsu Province. At the conference, Cao Lubao, a member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Provincial Committee and secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, and Zhang Jingan, director of the China Society of Science and Technology Reform made speeches. More than 350 unicorn and potential unicorn representatives and over 40 institutional investors were invited to attend the conference. 


Conference Scene

During the conference, Great Wall Strategy Consultants released the China Unicorn Enterprise Research Report 2023 and China Potential Unicorn Enterprise Research Report 2023, in which Startorus Fusion was honored to be one of the potential unicorn enterprises in the year 2022. As a new potential unicorn in the realm of clean energy, Startorus also reported its core businesses and needs for policy support to the Department of Research Commercialization and Regional Innovation under the Ministry of Science and Technology and municipal leaders of Suzhou, and negotiated about the cooperation possibilities in the future at the forum on corporate development environment organized by the ministry. 


Startorus is honored as a “potential unicorn enterprise in 2022”

According to data released in the reports, there were 357 unicorns and 653 potential unicorns in China in 2022. Suzhou, one of the most dynamic cities in the country, stood out in both the number and valuation of unicorn companies. As of May 2023, the city was home to 17 unicorns, an increase of 8 over 2021, ranking sixth in the country and first in Jiangsu Province. The valuation of these companies aggregated 30 billion US dollars. It also had 75 potential unicorn companies, ranking third in the country and first in the province.


Standing Committee member of the Provincial Committee and secretary of the Municipal Committee Cao Lubao gave a speech

Suzhou has a business tradition beneficial to developing unicorn companies and has long excelled at discovering, seizing, and winning opportunities, said Mr. Cao Lubao. He encouraged the city to continue its cluster-based innovation, whole-chain business deployment, and the notion of supporting company listing while serving listed companies. In doing so, the city would develop a more appealing and competitive environment where innovation and entrepreneurship can flourish, talents from all walks can pursue their dreams, and enterprises in all fields can fulfill their missions. 


Director of the China Society of Science and Technology Reform Zhang Jingan gave a speech

Mr. Zhang Jingan pointed out that scientific and technological innovation has become a revolutionary catalyst for societal progress as a new round of scientific and technological revolution picks up speed. Enterprises are the entity of innovation, and unicorn enterprises, as shining representatives, naturally shoulder the responsibility to lead scientific and technological innovation and promote industrial reform. Suzhou is among the most economically vibrating cities in China, and promises to breed more innovative enterprises as a bellwether with its robust industrial basis, strong innovation dynamism, and business-friendly environment. 


Startorus Fusion was invited to deliver a keynote speech

Startorus was invited to deliver a keynote speech at the conference as a representative guest to share the advantages of fusion energy and the phased objectives of the company with the public. A series of activities, including roadshows of potential unicorn projects and corporate communication and exchange meetings, were also held to provide a platform through which companies and institutional investors could better share innovation resources and explore cooperation opportunities.

This successful conference indicates the prosperous development of China’s unicorn and potential unicorn enterprises. Especially, potential unicorns are the rearmament of unicorns and typify backbone tech companies. They are instrumental in leading scientific and technological innovation, fostering new fields and business opportunities, and producing new impetus for development. Startorus’s winning of the title of potential unicorn enterprise in 2022 evidences its strength and potential in scientific and technological innovation. Looking forward, Startorus will uphold the corporate philosophy and unremittingly work on accelerating the commercialization of fusion energy to contribute to China’s sustainable development. 

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