Ultimate Energy: How Close Are We to “Artificial Sun”?
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Lead-in: Yicai is an influential Chinese business omni-media group affiliated with Shanghai Media Group (SMG). Its sub-column Tailwind Survey covers interviews with pioneering figures, experts, and chief analysts from all industries, elaborating on related topics. 


A review of history reveals that human civilization goes hand in hand with energy development. Human progress and energy development are entwined with and mutually promote each other. It goes without saying that the future trend of energy indicates in which direction human civilization will develop.

Nuclear fusion is clean and safe, with abundant fuels and no greenhouse emissions. Therefore, it has long been seen as the ultimate energy in the future society. At today’s 2:00 p.m., the second episode of the “Future Energy” series, titled Ultimate Energy: How Close Are We to “Artificial Sun”, will be live-streamed as scheduled on Tailwind Survey. During the program, guests start discussions from the five-year fusion power purchase deal between Microsoft and Helion Energy to further explore whether China will be a global leader in controlled fusion and how many years it takes before commercial fusion energy is made a reality. Indeed, controlled nuclear fusion has become an emerging chance and fusion energy that is inexhaustible, safe and zero-carbon is approaching us humans at an unprecedented velocity. A new industry worth tens of trillions is coming into being.

Chen Rui, CEO of Startorus Fusion, a commercial fusion company dedicated to the research, development and manufacturing of spherical tokamaks, accepted the program’s interview. While guiding program interviewers into the experimental site of Startorus’s fusion device, he elucidates the basic information and operational mode of SUNIST-2 and answers on-site questions related to the first plasma, subsequent phased objectives and incidental technology difficulties, and the development of commercial fusion. Check the following video to watch the full interview.

Although most controlled fusion studies at home and abroad are in the verification phase, and the industrial chain and laws and regulations governing the industry are not well-established, controlled fusion is a veritable rising star. It promises to be the ultimate solution to global energy problems, not only responding to the global call for carbon neutrality and energy security, but meeting the requirement of sustainable development in China.

In the future, benefits and success favor those enterprises with clear development visions, strong resource integration capabilities and sustained technology innovation in this wave of controlled fusion. In the spirit of taking action, pioneering and innovating, Startorus Fusion will persist in the independent development of the entire industry chain, forge ahead with great effort, and continue pushing the envelope of engineering to develop the ultimate energy.

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