CEO Chen Rui is Invited to Attend the “2023 China Youth Climate Action Summit”
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On World Earth Day celebrated on April 22, Yabuli will organize the 2023 China Youth Climate Action Summit, themed Climate Crisis and Human Civilization, under the zero-carbon aspiration plan. Startorus Fusion’s CEO Chen Rui has been invited to attend the Casstar seminar that starts at 18:30 that day with a theme of Zero-carbon Hard Technologies.正文1-封面图6.png

Formally launched by Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum in 2023, Yabuli Zero-carbon Aspiration Plan aims to prevent a climate calamity with more aggressive targets and practical actions by connecting Chinese enterprises with the rest of the world. As the climate system is approaching the critical threshold, the biosystem of our planet may undergo monumental and irreversible changes, and human civilization will plunge into the abyss. Whether we humans will enjoy the future is determined by our solutions to current problems, including the energy crisis.

 Controlled fusion has long been considered the ultimate solution to human energy problems, thanks to its abundant raw materials, intrinsic safety of devices, zero carbon emissions and no highly radioactive wastes. Fusion energy will help to significantly reduce and even eliminate our dependence on fossil fuels, an important pathway to sustainable development.


Startorus Fusion, established in October 2021, is the first commercial fusion energy development enterprise in China driven by a technological vision, and dedicated to the development and application of compact fusion systems and related technologies. With a mission of building the first commercial controlled fusion reactor in China, Startorus devotes itself to compact and commercial controlled fusion devices featured by rapid iteration and aspires to grow into a world’s leading fusion tech company that integrates R&D, design, and operation and maintenance.

Living in the era of carbon peak and neutrality, Startorus will keep pursuing its target of commercial fusion energy to contribute its part in net-zero emissions, drive the sustainable development of humankind, and unlock a new era of fusion energy.

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