Startorus Fusion Shines at COP28, Showcasing China's Fusion Energy Technology on the Internatio
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"Startorus Fusion’s Debut on the International Stage"

The 28th Conference of the Parties (COP28) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) was held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on December 9th. Exploration of renewable energy has become a central focus globally. As a developing country that vowed to shoulder responsibilities, China's carbon dioxide emissions per unit of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) decreased by over 51% compared to 2005. Sultan Jaber, the COP28 President, pointed out, "China has made significant contributions to global climate change mitigation and is the trailblazer in the development of renewable energy worldwide." Therefore, this conference delved into topics including "A New Path for Renewable Energy-Driven Economic Growth", "Accelerating Global Economic Decarbonization through Next-Generation Key Renewable Energy Technology Breakthroughs" and "Accelerating Energy Breakthroughs and Just Transition through Hard Technology." Zhao Yingmin, head of the Chinese delegation to COP28 and Vice Minister of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment attended the side event on the theme of "Renewable Energy and the New Paradigm for Human Economic Growth" and delivered a speech.


 Chen Rui's Keynote Speech: The Ultimate Energy for Humanity: Controlled Nuclear Fusion

The "Renewable Energy and New Paradigm of Human Economic Growth" themed side event was co-hosted by Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum, Energy Foundation, Global Energy Internet Development Cooperation Organization, International Green Economy Association, and CASSTAR. At the event, Mi Lei, the proponent of the concept of hard science and technology and the founding partner of CASSTAR, believed that the changes in the investment field are precisely based on the two logics: "increasing energy density" and "from carbon to hydrogen". Based on these two logics CASSTAR has made corresponding layouts in new technologies such as hydrogen energy, high-energy-density batteries, energy storage, and controllable nuclear fusion. Chen Rui, Founder and CEO of Startorus Fusion, delivered a keynote speech as the representative of Chinese hard tech companies. Mr. Chen first pointed out that controlled fusion energy, as the ultimate energy source for humanity, can provide key support for the energy supply of a zero-carbon society in the future. In the report, he shared Startorus Fusion's "three-step iterative planning for controlled fusion power plants", and explicitly stated their plan to complete the construction and operation of a fusion-grade controlled fusion test device within three years.

Over the past few years, companies and investments in the fusion energy field have witnessed a great increase. The International Atomic Energy Agency's World Fusion Outlook states that private investment in the fusion field has totalled more than $6 billion. The core members of the founding team of Startorus Fusion are all from the team of the Institute of Nuclear Energy, Department of Engineering Physics, Tsinghua University. With the founding team's nearly two decades of research in the field of controlled fusion, the company, together with Tsinghua University, successfully constructed and operated SUNIST-2, the first spherical tokamak device in China that realizes magnetic reconnection heating, within 2 years. Currently, Startorus Fusion has achieved significant accomplishments in the design, construction, operation, and research of controlled nuclear fusion devices. Startorus Fusion and their teammates from Tsinghua University successfully achieved double-loop plasma and magnetic reconnection heating on the SUNIST-2 spherical tokamak in November 2023, observing significant plasma heating effects. Meanwhile, the company's high-temperature superconducting team has initiated the design of the first toroidal field coil for the next-generation device, as well as the use of high-temperature superconducting magnets for plasma production. In the field of information technology, Startorus Fusion has developed a comprehensive visualization platform and achieved fully automated analysis and display of discharge data. Startorus Fusion is further enhancing the heat tolerance of SUNIST-2 at present, expanding plasma diagnostic capabilities, and making adequate preparations to raise the temperature of the fused plasma to 17 million degrees Celsius in the next stage.

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