Startorus Fusion Selected in GeekPark, Cailianpress, and CYZone Annual Rankings
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As the end of 2023 around the corner, multiple annual lists have been announced one after another, including GeekPark's "InnoForce 50" Annual Innovation List of 2023, Cailianpress × Science and Technology Innovation Board Daily "2023 China's Best Innovative Companies" List, CYZone's "Top 50 Hard Tech Innovators to Watch of 2023" List, and the 2023 "Blue Carbon Neutrality Pioneer Award". Startorus Fusion, with its determined pursuit of progress, has achieved recognition in multiple rankings.

GeekPark's "InnoForce 50" 2023 Annual Innovation List aims to discover technological breakthroughs made by Chinese technology companies in cutting-edge innovation fields over the past year. It identifies the vanguard and main force of innovation, as well as recognises and honors the innovative forces that have the potential to reshape the world, business, and society. With its rapid progress in the design, construction, operation, and research of controlled nuclear fusion devices, particularly in the innovative areas of magnetic reconnection heating and multi-pulse operation mode, Startorus Fusion has been honored in the 2023 Annual List of "Cutting-edge Innovation Field - Controlled Nuclear Fusion."


The "China's Best Innovative Companies of 2023" List aims to gather science and technology innovation enterprises in China that have broad prospects for development in recent years. Startorus Fusion, with its focus on humanity's ultimate energy solution and providing crucial support for future zero-carbon energy supply, has been honored in the "China's Best Innovative Companies with High Popularity of 2023" List.


CYZone and Zhongguancun Zhiyou Research Institute have jointly launched the inaugural "Hard Tech Innovators" selection event in China, aiming to discover early-stage hard tech entrepreneurs and industry role models in hard technology. Startorus Fusion, with its strong hard tech capabilities and advancement in the commercialization of fusion energy technology, has been honored in the "Top 50 Hard Tech Innovators to Watch of 2023" list.


At the 3rd Green Technology Financial Support Forum and Annual Meeting of the Financial Support for Green Technology Platform, Startorus Fusion was recognized and awarded the "Blue Carbon Neutrality Pioneers Award" of 2023. The company's innovative approach to promoting green development through the commercialization of controlled nuclear fusion technology received full recognition from the government, investors, and experts in attendance.


Startorus Fusion, established in 2021 as a commercial fusion energy development enterprise, is dedicated to the commercial application of fusion energy and related technological research. The company has taken the mission of building China's first commercialized controlled fusion reactor. It focuses on the development of compact, commercialized, and rapidly iterative controlled fusion energy devices, consistently maintaining an advanced position in terms of technical expertise, device parameters, and team strength within the industry.

With nearly two decades of research and accumulation in the field of controlled nuclear fusion, the founding team successfully built and operated the first spherical tokamak device, SUNIST-2, in China within two years. SUNIST-2 achieved magnetic reconnection heating and obtained the first plasma in July, October, and November of 2023, significantly extending discharge time and achieving double-loop plasma and magnetic reconnection heating. The rapid iteration and breakthroughs achieved within three months, as well as the subsequent breakthrough within less than a month, demonstrate Startorus Fusion's exceptional execution capability and rapid progress, further driving the global commercialization process of fusion energy technology.

Startorus Fusion will continue to uphold the  Corporate Philosophy of "actions speak louder than words pioneering and innovating, Be brave enough to try and bear together" as it continues its journey towards the goal of "quickly and economically achieving fusion energy ."

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