Good News | Startorus Fusion Tops the "Venture50" and Other Rankings in the 2023 Zero2IPO
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Recently, several rankings have been announced, including the "Venture50" 2023 New Seed List, the "Venture50" 2023 Investment World Carbon Neutrality List, the 36Kr "Annual Top 20 Hard-Tech Enterprises in Hard-Tech", the iResearch "2023 Outstanding Achievements in China's New Economy Industry" list, and the "2024 Xi'an Future Star TOP100" list. Startorus Fusion has been striving and has achieved recognition in multiple rankings.

The Venture50 (V50 henceforth) selection, founded by Zero2IPO Group in 2006, has undergone eighteen years of development and refinement. It has now become a benchmark for investment value in high-growth companies in China. As an emerging hard-tech enterprise established in 2021, Startorus Fusion has been listed on the 2023 V50 New Seed List.


The V50 2023 Investment World Carbon Neutrality List aims to comprehensively assess unlisted companies that serve as industry benchmarks. Startorus Fusion has achieved recognition on the 2023 V50 Investment World Carbon Neutrality List due to the influential compact repetitive reconnection controlled fusion technology solution it offers in the fusion energy industry.


The 36Kr "Top 20 Hard-Tech Enterprises" list focuses on ten core areas and selects representative companies for the year 2023 that have the potential to become the next "New BAT" (referring to new economy giants like Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent) based on patent level, R&D personnel scale, industry growth, company's recent three-year performance growth, and R&D investment. With its strong hard-tech capabilities and contribution to the commercialization of fusion energy technology, Startorus Fusion has been listed on the 36Kr "Annual Top 20 Hard-Tech Enterprises in Hard-Tech" list.


As a global third-party data mining and analysis organization in the new economy industry, iiMedia Research has been focusing on market position, consumer insights, and business trends. This selection event, themed "Against the Trend, Transformation, and Breakthrough," brings together industry leaders and focuses on the development and innovation of the new consumer sector. Startorus Fusion, with its leading position in the commercial application of controlled nuclear fusion energy, has been honored with the "2023 Outstanding Achievement Award in China's New Economy for the Controlled Nuclear Fusion Industry" in this selection event conducted by iiMedia Research.


"Global Venture Capital Summit" since its inception in Xi'an in 2018 has successfully hosted five consecutive editions, gradually establishing itself as a prestigious annual event in China's venture capital industry. The summit's release of the "Xi'an Future Stars TOP100" list aims to discover a group of promising and high-potential enterprises with significant investment value. This list has become a focal point of attention for investors nationwide. The inclusion of Stellarator Fusion Energy in the "Xi'an Future Stars TOP100" demonstrates the government's high recognition of its remarkable growth potential, commercial value, investment value, and overall strength.


Startorus Fusion is dedicated to the commercial application of fusion power and the R&D of related technologies. With a mission to build China's first business-used controlled fusion reactor, it has delved deep into commercial controlled fusion power devices featured by small scale and rapid iteration, and aspires to grow into a globally-leading fusion tech enterprise that integrates research and development, design, and operation and maintenance;continue to uphold the corporate spirit of "Actions Speak Louder than Words,Pioneering and Innovating, Be brave enough to try and bear together," as it strives towards the goal of quickly and economically achieving fusion energy .

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