Startorus Fusion × Feishu: Accelerating the Commercialization Pace of Fusion Energy Technology
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In today's rapidly evolving business environment, the success of a company depends not only on the innovation and technological advancement of its products but also on the efficiency of internal collaboration and management. This holds true for Startorus Fusion as well. The SUNIST-2 fusion experimental device, jointly constructed by Startorus Fusion and Tsinghua University, successfully achieved its first plasma in 2023, setting an industry record. The installation, commissioning, and plasma operation were completed in merely eight months. Furthermore, Startorus Fusion has made significant progress in key fusion engineering and physics areas, including high-temperature superconducting magnets, repetitive pulsed operation, and non-inductive startup.

The rapid progress in these engineering fields is attributed to efficient team collaboration and advanced management practices. Feishu, a leading enterprise collaboration and management platform under ByteDance, recently showcased a special case study of Startorus Fusion on its official website, which highlights how Startorus Fusion accelerates the commercial application of fusion energy through more efficient productivity tools. This also indicates that as China's future industries rapidly evolve, Startorus Fusion's corporate strength and industry value are increasingly recognized and acknowledged by more people.

01.Simplifying Complexity,Challenging New Heights in Manufacturing


As a crucial direction for China's future energy development, the construction of controlled nuclear fusion experimental devices serves as the vital technological foundation for humanity to master controlled nuclear fusion. The engineering difficulty involved is no less than that of high-end manufacturing industries such as aerospace and semiconductors.

Startorus Fusion utilizes Feishu's multidimensional spreadsheets to establish a "Fusion Task Management board". All design requirements proposed by scientists are linked to development tasks for engineers. By opening a task, one can view project requirements and real-time progress. Through a single data board, both teams can simultaneously monitor task statuses at different stages, ensure material procurement is in place, and track the research and development process of each engineer. This significantly enhances collaboration efficiency, pressing the "acceleration button" for engineering construction.

Startorus Fusion is also consolidating professional terminology into the Feishu Dictionary, creating a research and development knowledge base. Through integration with the backend and engineering systems, when discussing parameters on Feishu, users can simply hover the mouse over the term to view the latest data. This greatly reduces the tedious process that researchers used to go through, such as logging into the corresponding systems and conducting searches. It significantly enhances efficiency, with popular terms being accessed thousands of times each month.

In addition, Startorus Fusion has solved pain points related to traditional third-party approval workflow tools, such as delayed procurement process information and weak perception of approval information, through Feishu's approval feature. With Feishu's approval, Startorus Fusion has established a standardized and unified procurement process. When the approval reaches a specific approver or handler, a card is automatically pushed, allowing relevant personnel to immediately access key information such as unit price, quantity, and procurement progress of the materials, thereby expediting the procurement process efficiently.

02.Excelling in Efficiency,Contributing to a New Paradigm of Future Renewable Energy


As a pioneer and representative enterprise in the commercialization of fusion energy in China, Startorus Fusion has been committed to the commercial application of fusion energy and the research and development of related technologies, with the mission of building China's first commercially viable controlled fusion reactor. Feishu's selection of Startorus Fusion as a promotional case study fully showcases its representative position in the field of fusion energy. This collaborative case further demonstrates the tremendous potential of Startorus Fusion in the commercialization of fusion energy.

Startorus Fusion is not the only enterprise that has achieved efficient collaboration through Feishu. In various industries, Feishu has become a powerful assistant for enterprises to improve efficiency and optimize management. For example, the Chinese intelligent automobile representative company, Li Auto, a globally renowned engineering machinery manufacturer, Sany, and a leading enterprise in the global restaurant industry, Haidilao, have also enhanced the management efficiency of their global operations through Feishu.

As a flexible and powerful tool, Feishu not only meets the needs of different industries but also helps enterprises of all sizes achieve a leap in work efficiency. With the increasing influence and recognition of Startorus Fusion in the industry, we have reason to believe that Startorus Fusion will continue to lead the commercial development of fusion energy technology in China, contributing Chinese wisdom and solutions to the global energy transition.

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