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          CCTV-4, the Chinese International Channel of China Media Group, aired a special episode titled "Journey Across China" as part of the program "Expedition" on March 21st. The episode provided a detailed introduction to the innovative technological solutions of the Startorus Fusion team in the field of nuclear fusion technology, as well as the characteristics and performance of the spherical tokamak device jointly constructed with Tsinghua University. It showcased the professional strength, forward-looking vision, and proactive spirit of the Startorus Fusion team in the field of controlled nuclear fusion.


Journey Toward the Artificial Sun


NO.The Proposal of the Tokamak

Scientists proposed various technological approaches for creating an "artificial sun" (i.e., a nuclear fusion reactor) in the mid-20th century, among which the magnetic confinement tokamak device adopted by Soviet scientists gained international recognition in the fusion community for its successful confinement of plasma, suspending it in a vacuum chamber without contact with the walls.

NO.2 Pioneering a New Path

Drawing inspiration from the working principles of car engines, the Startorus Fusion team chose the high-temperature superconducting spherical tokamak design proposed by Tsinghua University. They adopted a new approach of plasma heating through magnetic reconnection. This innovative method deviates from the traditional concept of "sustaining high-temperature plasma for a long time" and instead employs a cyclic process of plasma natural dissipation and reignition. This significantly reduces the device size and opens up a new path for the miniaturization and commercialization of the "artificial sun".


    Designed by Tsinghua University and jointly constructed by Tsinghua University and Startorus Fusion, the spherical tokamak SUNIST-2 has a volume that is only 1/400 of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER), yet it ranks among the top in performance among similar devices worldwide. In subsequent tests, the Startorus Fusion team achieved a plasma current of 220 kiloamps, and it is expected to reach an ignition temperature of 17 million degrees Celsius within a few months. This significant milestone marks an important achievement for the team on the path towards realizing the "artificial sun" dream.

NO.4 Towards Interstellar Civilization

"The 'artificial sun' is not only the ultimate energy source on Earth but also the determiner of whether humanity can advance towards an interstellar civilization. When we envision the future in science fiction works like The Wandering Earth and The Three-Body Problem, fusion power is always portrayed as the cornerstone for humanity to leave Earth and become a true interstellar civilization".

National Policy


·The State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council initiated the implementation of the Future Industries Launch Action in December 2023, clearly identifying controlled nuclear fusion as an important direction for future energy.

·The "Key Tasks of the 2024 National Economic and Social Development Plan" formulated by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) in March 2024 pointed out the importance of "leading the construction of a modern industrial system through technological innovation and accelerating the formation of new productive forces - actively nurturing and developing emerging and future industries". It also expressed the commitment to "continuously promote research and development of frontier technologies such as nuclear fusion".

As a company dedicated to the research and development of controlled nuclear fusion technology, Startorus Fusion takes it upon itself to build China's first commercial controlled fusion reactor. The company will continue to commit to continuously advancing the research and development of nuclear fusion technology and to strive to be pioneers who are "brave to try and bear together" in the development of controlled nuclear fusion energy.

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