Startorus Fusion CEO Chen Rui Invited to the 12th N.A. Camphor Tree Forum, Sharing the Commercial Pr
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The 12th N.A. Camphor Tree Forum was held in Haikou on May 18th. Startorus Fusion CEO Chen Rui was invited to the event and delivered a keynote speech on the introduction and commercial practices of controlled nuclear fusion technology.

The N.A. Camphor Tree Forum is an exchange platform initiated and established by Central University of Finance and Economics (CUFE) alumni. It aims to strengthen the exchange of investment and financing experiences and resource sharing among CUFE alumni. Guided by the principles of "integrity, dedication, sharing, and value," the forum conducts in-depth discussions on current financial situations, investment strategies, and other topics. It serves as a platform that gathers the wisdom and resources of CUFE alumni and has attracted participation from CUFE alumni from all over the country and even overseas. Together, they promote communication and cooperation among alumni.


Startorus Fusion CEO Chen Rui giving a presentation on controlled nuclear fusion

During the forum, Chen Rui presented the technical principles, current development status, and commercialization pathways of controlled nuclear fusion. He pointed out that controlled nuclear fusion, as an important direction for humanity to pursue clean and efficient energy, possesses enormous commercial potential and societal value. Currently, this technology has gained widespread attention and significance from the international community, with numerous capital and business companies actively promoting the rapid development of controlled nuclear fusion technology. China has also identified controlled nuclear fusion as a crucial direction for future energy and continues to advance research and development in this field.

Chen that Startorus Fusion has achieved numerous engineering advancements in the field of controlled nuclear fusion through years of technological accumulation and research and development. There have been breakthroughs in key plasma parameters and high pulse generator supply performance, and parameters such as the toroidal magnetic field have topped domestically and reached third place globally in the field of spherical tokamak. Plus, a prototype of a D-shaped high-temperature superconducting magnet has been developed, whose maximum field strength reaches 18T - currently the highest reported field strength for D-shaped magnets in the country. The stable operation of the world's first repeated reconnection technology scheme has been achieved as well. The improvement in various experimental parameters provides strong technical support for the development of controlled nuclear fusion.

In the future, Startorus Fusion will integrate research and development, design, commissioning, and operation and maintenance, providing fusion energy application solutions and striving to become a globally leading fusion energy technology enterprise.

The hosting of the N.A. Camphor Tree Forum not only provides a platform for communication and cooperation but also further promotes the popularization and advancement of controlled nuclear fusion technology. We have every reason to believe that in the near future, controlled nuclear fusion technology will become a crucial pillar in the global energy field. We hope that through this platform, more wisdom and resources will enter this field and contribute to the sustainable development of human society.

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