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On August 1, 2022, Startorus Fusion made phased progress in the phase I experimental site transformation project in the north intelligent manufacturing park, Xi’an Economic and Technological Development Zone after more than 50 days of assiduous effort. With the experimental device site basically finished, the main machine, supporting facilities and components of the tokamak were moved into the site.


Startorus Fusion made a plan and thoughtful arrangements, divided construction into several phases, formulated progress schedules, set reasonable equipment movement dates, and improved technological approaches, providing strong technical support and guarantee for the smooth progress of the construction. 

The core R&D team (including a dozen or so PhDs and Masters of magnetic-confinement fusion and related technologies) will work to assemble, test, and operate the principle verification device of repeated reconnection heating (CTRFR-0).


It is expected that the spherical tokamak will be assembled in October this year and enter the next stage to ignite, test and adjust the first plasma. CTRFR-0 will help Startorus to verify the principle of magnetic reconnection heating technology: once operational stably, the device will heat plasma to 17 million degrees Celsius approximately through magnetic reconnection, drawing level with other advanced spherical tokamaks of the same kind in the world. Meanwhile, it will verify the repeated multi-stroke operation mode, laying a foundation for the design and construction of the next-generation technology verification device.

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