Magnetic Reconnection Heating! Startorus Fusion Achieves Another Breakthrough Within a Month
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Recently, Startorus Fusion and a team from Tsinghua University achieved dual-loop plasma and magnetic reconnection heating on the SUNIST-2 spherical tokamak, observing significant plasma heating effects.

The Typical Magnetic Reconnection Heating Discharge Process of SUNIST-2

Magnetic reconnection heating is an important component of Startorus Fusion's compact controlled nuclear fusion technology roadmap. The main process is illustrated in the diagram below:

(1) Two plasma rings are generated using induction coils.
(2) The axial magnetic field is rapidly controlled to push the two rings towards the equatorial plane, causing them to approach each other and undergo magnetic reconnection.
(3) With precise coordination from multiple axial magnetic field coils, the dual-ring plasma compresses into a single plasma ring through magnetic reconnection. The magnetic energy is efficiently converted into internal energy within the plasma, resulting in significant heating of the plasma.
(4) The central solenoid provides an induced electric field to sustain the ring-shaped current and maintain the high-temperature plasma.


Startorus Fusion's self-developed high-performance vertical magnetic field power supply, plasma discharge prediction and simulation algorithms, tokamak operation and control platform, among other key technologies, have provided a strong basis for this magnetic reconnection heating experiment.

Magnetic reconnection heating offers advantages such as simplicity, reliability, high efficiency, and no temperature limit. It also reduces the number of windows and pipes in fusion reactors, significantly improving tritium breeding rates. It is an economically competitive method for plasma heating in fusion. The progress in magnetic reconnection heating experiments is another breakthrough achieved within less than a month, following the three-fold increase in multiple performance indicators of Startorus Fusion in October (for more details, please refer to the news "Breakthroughs in Key Plasma Parameters and High Pulse Generator Supply Performance of Startorus Fusion Device"). This once again demonstrates the company's exceptional execution capability and rapid progress, bringing them closer to the goal of achieving fusion energy economically and swiftly.

Currently, Startorus Fusion is further enhancing the heat tolerance of SUNIST-2 and expanding plasma diagnostic capabilities, better preparing itself for the next step of raising the post-fusion plasma temperature to 17 million degrees Celsius.

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