• In the third quarter of 2023, the key plasma parameters and performance of the high pulse generator of SUNIST-2 spherical tokamak, a fusion experimental device designed by Tsinghua University and jointly constructed by Startorus Fusion and Tsinghua University, doubled compared with the previous quarter, and several indicators such as the toroidal magnetic field have topped domestically and reached the third place globally in the field of spherical tokamak; the company has also made significant progress in multiple fields, including the industrialization of high-temperature superconducting magnets, digital twins technique of the tokamak as well as fusion-derived technologies.
    Project Progress2023-11-05 10:00:00
  • Recently, the author of the cutting-edge technology Sentry interviewed Startorus Fusion, where CEO Chen Rui stated, "In the history of mankind, controlled nuclear fusion research has come a long way, spanning over 70 years. In recent years, with the introduction of second-generation high-temperature superconducting technology, advancements in plasma control capabilities, and progress in fusion-related engineering technologies, we believe that we are getting closer to achieving the ignition conditions for controlled nuclear fusion. According to a survey by the International Fusion Association, most commercial fusion companies are dedicated to generating electricity through fusion within the next 10 years."
    Company News2023-10-20 10:08:00
  • Binbin Wang, CTO of Startorus Fusion, delivered an impressive speech at the roundtable forum: "China’s industrial policies, including environmental protection and regulatory policies, have made significant adaptations to controlled nuclear fusion. Currently, the perspective of the capital market on controlled nuclear fusion mainly focuses on the industry's commercialization and the devices' compactness. The support from government policies and the favor of capital has collectively driven the accelerated development of the controlled nuclear fusion industry."
    Company News2023-10-07 10:08:00
  • Startorus Fusion has always committed itself to the commercial application of fusion energy and related technological research and development. The company takes it upon itself to build China's first commercial controlled fusion reactor and focuses on the miniaturization, commercialization, and rapid iteration of controlled fusion energy devices. The company is dedicated to becoming a global leading fusion energy technology enterprise that integrates research and development, design, and operation and maintenance.
    Company News2023-09-21 10:08:00
  • Promote human civilization through innovation and make the unreachable within reach!
    Video2023-08-04 10:00:00
  • Chen Rui, CEO of Startorus Fusion, a commercial fusion company dedicated to the research, development and manufacturing of spherical tokamaks, accepted the program’s interview.
    Company News2023-07-25 10:00:00
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